IMG_4898We are blessed with these amazing little creatures; bring them into the world and become inexplicably captivated, mesmerized and motivated by them. But what makes our children extraordinary, nothing epic. It in fact is the little things, the small nuances that we, as their parents, are the only ones privy to and quietly celebrate.

The moment they defecated in the toilet for the first time, something non-caretakers can hardly view as magical, is like seeing a triple rainbow on a serene mountaintop for the first-time Mom.

The moment they said our names with such intent and understanding and we felt joyful pride and may have even felt that our purpose was finally fulfilled! Almost as though we did not exist until this creature looked up at us with thoughtful comprehension and said MAMA!

The moment when they hold us so tight that their need for our proximity overwhelms us because of the sincerity of it.

These are the moments in which we celebrate our child, the moment in which our pride for them overtakes us and our hearts bursts at the seams with love for them.

Standford Health, a healthcare provider with an exclusive focus on children and expectant women in the bay area, reminded me of an amazing fact:

That a few hours spent in labor and delivery could yield such an immeasurable quantity of joy!

This joy should be acknowledged and celebrated, so please join me by visiting Stanford Health’s site and make a lovely little personalized tribute to your own extraordinary child.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.