A post from my other little project of love Quarter Life Woman: I’m almost thirty… *blank stare*

When did this happen. When did I graduate college, when did I get married, when did I pop out kids. Like, seriously… when did all of these random events occur. I just didn’t imagine having kids or getting married before thirty and now I can’t digest the sum passage of time.

Not that thirty is this dreadful and terrible thing. Most look, dress, think and are better with age. Not that celebrities matter but, because their life is often tracked by the media you can compare a photo or story from 20 to one from 30.  In many cases it often gets better if you are emotionally and physically healthy.

Hopefully you’ve traded up in the career, fashion and love categories. Hopefully you’ve weeded out toxic friends and made peace with equally annoying family members. Hopefully you’ve accepted that you’ll never be a size double zero and found your own super model status, even if that status is plus sized. And if you haven’t, homie start making and tackling that to do list because you are over or almost thirty. Leave that drama, disappointment and foolishness for your 20’s or start earlier and have less regrets.