The weekend is pretty much the only opportunity I have to cook anything longer than a 15-20 minute meal. The weekend is my time to cook that long complicated meal I've been craving all week. Last weekend the meal of choice was World's Best Lasagna, which we had for dinner the next night and I had for lunch twice last week. This weekend it is Red Thai Curry mixed with a large variety of leafy greens and other veggies from my local farmer's market.  I used a recipe from and doctored it to my liking. The family loved it and I have the solace of knowing that my lunch and tomorrow's dinner is covered. I am about to put a minestrone soup on boil as another hearty meal alternative for the week. Another time saving secret is to cook two meals at once to ensure multiple home cooked meals for the week. In addition to a meal for adults I created a meal for Little Miss consisting of organic pears, organic green beans and boiled lentils. I purchased some lentils to make homemade baby food for her and lentils are a great food for babies because they are packed with protein and fiber while being very affordable. Making lentils for her was great in theory but was kind of a homemade baby food fail. They are definitely a food that must be mixed with something. Sophie hated it and had the faces to show it. I mixed it with organic pears and it became much more palatable to her but I need to put more thought into a lentil based recipe.