This working Mom had this monster business trip scheduled to Georgia for a few days. As soon as my husband caught wind of it, he had to come. Just minutes away from his favorite nieces, whose parents dared move them away from Florida recently! Well, I was soon working out the logistics, turning a flight and two day trip to Georgia into a drive and four day mini vacation with the whole family. Who knew that driving with two toddlers, one potty training, would be so laborious? Many hours and gas stations later, we arrived in the Atlanta area and were swarmed by the most gorgeous and wonderful nieces any aunt could ask for. Most of our time was spent talking amongst adults, getting caught up on every minute detail of their new life in Georgia. We had to make a trip to the biggest and best Asian market ever, where I bought snacks I had not had since my trip to Beijing. We played until the kids passed out from a mix of euphoria and exhaustion. When we said our tearful goodbyes so that we could check into our hotel and I could prepare for hours of meetings, we left with hearts swelling with joy and certainty that we would have to make the trip more often.

Somehow we made it work? We got a fix of family fun and I made it to my meeting on time both days, even though the first was a long drive from the suburbs so the family could get an extra day together. Sometimes business trips are dreadful and I spend most of the time missing my family. This time I was able to get work done and balance family.

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