Reading that there are parents that would go to extreme lengths to avoid the long lines and likelihood of heat stroke at a Disney Park is not surprising. But hiring disabled people in lieu of paying Disney for a service they can obviously afford, is just plain grimy for more reasons than one.  I'll assume that these parents don't realize that they build their children's  moral compass and value system both through verbal and nonverbal instruction. But the following quote from one of the "specialty concierge" service users makes me wonder about their own world and class views:

“My daughter waited one minute to get on ‘It’s a Small World’ — the other kids had to wait 2 1/2 hours,” one unnamed mom bragged to the Post. “You can’t go to Disney without a tour concierge...This is how the 1 percent does Disney.”

But the case maybe that some people may indeed themselves lack the most basic of ethical principles, therefore they may find teaching them exceedingly difficult. Teaching children the definition of entitlement and to disregard rules because wealth has afforded them such luxuries. If these little ones inherit their parent's titles, the corporate scandal should be as epic as their parent's egos.

The sad part is, in the end, these sort of actions negatively impact individuals who are afforded additional services so they may enjoy the awesomeness that a family day at Disney world can be regardless of physical limitations.


Source: http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/disney-world-scheme--entitled-families-hire-disabled-guide-to-bypass-lines-194555620.html