Chevy Kidproof

Chevy Kidproof

There’s nothing like a multi-state road trip with two small toddlers to help young parents understand the intrinsic value of kidproofing. Those who aren’t parents or are regularly subject to the whims of small children, really don’t understand how a being less than 50 lbs. and smaller than many full sized pets will secrete, spill, and literally leave an often unmovable mark on the things you love most. I’m not speaking of those priceless metaphorical things, I mean your new cell phone, the car you just bought with your hard earned money or that couch that you’ve waited most of your adult life to afford.

Back to the road trip from Dante’s Inferno

A few years back the husband and I had the bright idea to drive from Florida to visit some relatives out of state. Our kids, then 2 and 3, naturally required regular feedings and did not posses full control of their physical faculties. In other words, they nearly decimated our brand new car! Think permanent juice stains and the forever-faint stench of toddler pee. Think the pain of our FIRST NEW CAR (not a hand me down from Dad or a used clunker with a mystery 100,000 miles on the odometer) receiving the wear of a vehicle years into its existence.

While we treated our prized possession with the love of a newborn birthed from our loins, these creatures children we spawned dashed a dagger into our hearts with every wandering sticky finger or premature release of toddler urine. If there was any moment in my life I yearned with every fiber of my being for kid proofing, it was this.

Thank you magical creator of life, the GM engineers knew that kids are vicious heartless beings hard on cars and thought to kidproof their vehicles. Though we couldn’t afford the fancy leather interior of our dreams, our Impala’s fabric interior is incredibly durable and stain resistant—we were even able to remove the stench of human urine (YAY).

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