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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 trailer was released today and it exceeded my many expectations. The film choices that delineated from the original novel were spot on!  I imagined District 13 to be a little more plastic and fake like a utilitarian version of m the Capitol, but they went for a concrete the great thing did with this book was to try to capture the war, the narrative of battle, the narrative of loss, and you understand it more clearly in the films! I'm really excited for the third and fourth films in this franchise; the caliber of directors, actors, and overall production is so impressive and exceeds almost every other young adult novel to film adaptation!  This trailer gave me life, I am so excited for this film!

Side note:Snow & KAtniss


Something interesting delineation from the book and insights from the trailer:

1. Katniss having a direct conversation with Snow: In the novels Katniss and President Snow only communicate through the propaganda commercials.

2. Effie Trinket in District 13: Effie Trinket was missing for almost all of the third novel, then shows up at the very end with some sentence indicating she was Snow's prisoner. Effie became more alive in the films so I am excited t see what having her in district 13 will bring!

3. The Mockingjay outfit: They actually made the outfit more like a useful battle garment, which is not what I imagined Cinna.

4. The relationship between Finnick and Katniss: My favorite parts of the book were when this kind of Playboy Finnick became a real person and a real confidant for Katniss so much so that even our precious Gale is jealous of him.

5. Gale and Katniss: Something that really stuck to me while watching this trailer is the fact of Gale and Katniss have this very intense and intertwined history and present together: they survive starvation as children, Gail takes on the task of caring for her family in the event she didn't  return from the arena, and they are comrades in war! To think about where this relationship leads and that they may spend their adulthood strangers saddens me.