Religion without love is effing scary as hell! Last week, I read 1984 and this week I am almost done with The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. For those who have not read these books, read it my people, read it and improve your life!

I’m a Christian, I roll with Jesus, he is MY DUDE, but I’ve just lived the eradication of hope and individuality through what could be defined as the militarization and politicization of religion! Now I am destroyed by the clear notion that words that have been so freeing and inspiring to me can be twisted and systemically leverage to commit acts that are not of God!

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If you ever go to a southern or Baptist church, you have heard the saying that “Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit is a gentleman.” He will NOT force himself upon you. In other words, you have a choice and no means no! Then, why do men try to systematize what is meant to be personalized? Did we miss all of the teachings about the Pharisees, I don’t read my bible often enough (work in progress) and I got the message loud and clear when I was just a skeptical college pseudo-Christian.

Whilst reading Atwood’s book I laughed out loud, I cried, I threw shit (please forgive my language, I’m emotional)! At times it read like poetry, at others, a private diary; a truth narrative of a woman from a distant past or another country, or even a possible future. That’s what made The Handmaid’s Tale brilliant and frightening, that a group of people’s quest for power or skewed ideology could take away the beautiful things.

THE BEAUTIFUL THINGS! The ability to choose whom you could love. The ability to communicate and even have an identity all your own! To be a woman and beautiful, to be a woman and creative, to be a woman and industrious, to be a woman and boisterous, to be a woman and sexual, the “big brother” of Atwood’s world brought the hell dimension to earth and viewed it as a mother effing improvement. I am not okay, this book has summarily effed up my brain.

This isn’t exactly a book review but an excited knee jerk communication and request that you read this book, because election season is upon us, and stupid crap exhibited in this piece of literature should not even remotely be allowed to fester in our political system! A kajillion generations of women, activists, missionaries, freedom fighters, and prayer warriors did not live/die/endure/suffer for us to be lackadaisical with our individual and collective freedoms to be informed and involved!

Now I am going to read my bible to calm my mind and give me hope!

Side note: Don't let the reader fool you, I love the smell and touch of real books, and I still partake in them.

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