Raising BoysDuring the car ride from work today, I caught the tail end of a segment discussing teen boys in America. Rosalind Wisemen, who has spent an entire career researching youth, was discussing the social and cultural realities and treatment of boys in American society. Wisemen's new book is called Masterminds and Wingmen:Helping Your Son Cope With Schoolyard Power, Locker-room Tests, Girlfriends, and the New Rules of Boy World, her last book (Queen Bees) inspired the film Mean Girls. As I listened to the segment listed below, I had a million "ah-ha!" moments that I immediately discussed with my husband upon my arrival home. I consider myself a thoughtful parent, I dissect how we raise our children and how we explain the world to their fragile hungry minds. We pray and we do our best. We made the decision long before we ever had kids, while dating in college, that we would not raise our boys and girls differently. We would have the same expectations, regardless of gender, whether it was academics or dating. What is the point of raising girls who were intelligent and respected their bodies if the men they might marry or work alongside were Neanderthals who were socialized to rape and pillage?

Here Wisemen discusses her book and research on boys: