This is so close to what I believe! Help a child survive don't just pat yourself on your back because you are pro-life, which is little more than a well constructed social movement. I, inspired not by politics and power groups but the word of God, believe in empowering a women to feel loved and able to bring a child into this world. Don't just pat yourself on your back because you are pro-choice (another well constructed social movement) when there are many women who suffer PTSD and a lifetime of regret because they felt they had no other choice but to give up the life of their child. Women should not have to fear shame, societal judgement and hopeless poverty because they may want to keep their child.

I'm pro-LOVE! Love in-spite of mistakes, Love in-spite of socioeconomic status and Love in-spite of what ever other silly things that are keeping women and men desperate and hurting.