I freaking kid you not! Our 2-year -old was  potty trained in 2 days. We had started potty training her prior to our son being born. Though the pediatrician said it was pointless because she was not communicating to the point where she could even tell us she needed to go, we did it because it is not impossible. The truth is, potty training is as much about the parent as it is about the child. When she was 15 months old, she got diaper rash and we decided to let her go diaper free and let the mistakes (on tile) lead to the triumph of early potty training. Though we had  some success and she even started telling us she needed to go, a new baby came home and we lost our dedication and fervor for potty training. At 19-months we brought her brother home and potty training went out the window.

After some inspiration from twitter moms, I started the all day diaper free routine.  At 2 years and 6 months, she had stopped telling us when she needed to potty and the first day she pee'd on the floor and couch. But we got good at taking her to the potty regularly, singing a home-made potty song and making it fun. By day two, the adults were dedicated to taking her to the potty and asking if she needed to go. She went pee-pee in the potty for the first time in months and we celebrated hard! The rest of day two was filed with eventful trips to the potty and no mistakes. She was telling us when she needed to go ,  holding it and running to the potty by day three. By week two, she will only use the potty if awake and tells us EVERY TIME she needs to go.

Today aour 12-month old son walked up to me holding a diaper, handed to me and said "do-do". He did in-fact poop in his diaper. We will soon be potty training the little guy.