Between the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte and the Republican National Convention in Tampa, politics have polarized fictitious social media friendships. Now that integral relationship with Mrs. Jones, who is your unofficial benchmark for success, is jeopardized. Digitally tried and true relationships are on the cusp of a full blown un-friending. In a world built on sugar and spice and everything superficially nice. Anything beyond a cryptic status update, new head-shot or tooting one's own horn of awesomeness is, for the most part, unwelcomed.  No one cares that you are Pro-Life or  that tax breaks for the rich piss you off. In fact, resign yourself to the idea that all 999 of your Facebook friends welcome self portraits in poor taste and the occasional pic of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you're a blogger hoarding followers and friends, you may loose numbers important to attaining and maintaining corporate sponsorships. If you are a leisure Facebook friender, you may loose the opportunity to stalk a former high school frenemy. If you are one of the few who are only friends with or following people you know in real life, keep on posting opinionated political pieces, chances are you are preaching to the Choir. But, if you notice a steady decline in followers in proportion to your fervor on a controversial  political issue, don't be surprised.