Before my road trip this past weekend with fellow Blogger and friend, Brittany from Clumps of Mascara, I had never driven a Chevy and I really thought OnStar was a form of fancy GPS built into your car. I didn't really think much of anything about OnStar and had never been exposed to its services. Mind you, 2008 was the first year I had access to GPS via my first smart phone and before that I was printing directions from and constantly getting lost. I have no sense of direction and will swear I am going south when I am really going west. My inability to follow driving directions would not have been such an issue over the years if not for the fact that since 2003, when I started college,  I've constantly been on the road exploring new and random places as a freshmen in a new city then a young adult starting a new career.

I won't admit how many dark cow pasture surrounded roads I've been down with and without companionship or even phone service. I won't admit how many deep thoughtful prayers I've murmured behind the wheel to ward off flat tires and reckless drivers. I won't even dare admit how many times I've had to search for my phone to make a quick phone call, send a quick text or update my Facebook status while driving. But, I'm a mother now and even though I believed those risks were worth taking back then, my little girl has changed a skewed belief system.

The Chevy Cruze drove like a dream, though it is too small for the needs of my family. But what really got me was the OnStar features:

Automatic Crash Response Emergency Services Crisis Assist Stolen Vehicle Assistance Stolen Vehicle Slowdown Remote Door Unlock Roadside Assistance Remote Horn and Lights Turn-by-Turn Navigation Hands-Free Calling Vehicle Diagnostics

Yall, this weekend was fun! The Miami Music festival was great and when Brittany invited me to come along on this road trip with her, I did not expect to meet such amazing folks who honest to goodness believe in the product they are selling. I don't believe in many companies but I kind of believe in OnStar. I don't mean to get all sappy but it is rare to meet people who aren't just peddling a product. I really did believe products/services like OnStar were just extra but I kind of need my next car to have an OnStar help button.

Update 3/19/2013: In 2012 we purchased a BRAND NEW  Chevy Impala with all the OnStar bells and whitsles and we use that Help Button!


OnStar invited Brittany over at Clumps as a guest to attend the festival. The OnStar Miami Music Festival Road Trip was designed to bring Florida based journalists and bloggers together for an OnStar guided road trip. Brit and I were given a Chevy Cruze for the road trip and upon arrival in Miami, OnStar provided us accommodations including hotel, meals & VIP tickets to the festival events. OnStar did not ask me to write this post and the opinion is entirely mine. My good opinion is entirely based on my experience with the brand. FYI if you get a chance to work with them take it, from what I witnessed their employees love working with the company.