(Naked in the shower while husband holds screaming toddler and Sister is in other room with screaming newborn)Raising Child Wife: Seriously why are you mad? Raising Child Husband: Because you wait until we get home to tell me!

Raising Child Wife: Le Sigh, you are totally ruining my Mommy bath! Raising Child Husband: You take like 10 Mommy baths a day! Raising Child Wife: It is only twice a day and it is how I relax and having the whole family in here while I do it is totally taking away the relax factor. I even have my all natural honeysuckle soap from wholefoods to make it perfect. Raising Child Husband: OKAY! Why didn't you point this guy out? Raising Child Wife: So you can do what, shake him down and beat him up in the middle of Wholefoods? Raising Child Husband: No, so I can walk by slowly while holding Piglet and your hand and so he can know what the business is!

Raising Child Wife: Why, because some random dude hit on me while you parked the car? Raising Child Husband: Yes and because it is my duty and right as a husband!

It is so nice to have my body back!