There isn’t much that I can say about race that has not already been said by people more eloquent than I. There isn’t any more profound knowledge I can add. I've taken the classes and read the studies for my own edification and understanding. I was born with a natural curiosity for the world; the narrative of those both like and unlike me, and this curiosity has served me well in both building bridges and understanding. Arthur chu

The events of the last few months have both been polarizing and unifying. On occasion, I force myself to read comments on posts by the marginalized simply sharing their own narrative about police brutality, racial profiling, or discrimination. I've noticed a trend from those within the opposing dominant group that takes vocal offense to accusations of bias or racism, they can’t hear/digest/understand the other’s narrative.

What does it mean to be black in America, Muslim in America, poor in America, or just plain othered in America? The answer is not simple and will often be as loaded as it is diverse. But if you find yourself asking these questions with a genuine desire to gain some understanding instead of being defensive, you might find yourself on a bridge to mutual understanding and even respect.