IMG_20140120_143023-001 A month ago, I left my family behind on the east coast to start a new position with a different company in California. I've embarked on many difficult tasks in my life. Being a first-generation everything means you venture out on journeys with little certainty of success. When this particular opportunity presented itself, there was a great deal of discussion and prayer. I left with the full encouragement and support of my husband. But it is so hard.



It's hard to leave the office everyday for temporary housing with your children, your husband... your heart and soul multiple time zones away.

It's hard going to bed without the soft white noise of the love of your life snoring by your side.

It's hard to leave certainty and security for unpredictability and risk.


My personal life has been a sort of roller-coaster. We survived a home invasion, we survived a myriad of health emergencies, we survived difficult family situations...

IMG_20140202_150515We survived more things than I care to mention and just as we were settling into a sort of quiet suburban lull, I uproot us once again.

I am still trying to reconcile my almost unquenchable thirst for more complex professional pursuits with my deep need to be a dedicated mother and wife.

I don't know what the outcome of this next journey will be, but know two things for certain:

 Little is possible without faith and the love.


There is not an accomplishment or experience more precious or amazing than the simple presence of my husband and children.