From Mom Bloggers For Social Good Malala Yousafzai, a 14 year old schoolgirl in Pakistan, who was brutally shot by the Taliban in retaliation for promoting girls' education in her country. Millions around the world were saddened to hear that the Taliban went to such extremes to stop girls from being educated. Across the globe millions of girls are denied the opportunity to go to school.

Today we are spreading the word about Malala Day that will be celebrated on Saturday, November 10. We can all stand in solidarity with Malala by signing a petition urging Pakistan to deliver education to every child. The petition will be given to Pakistan's president by former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Support by signing the petition or tweeting the following:

I am standing in solidarity for education for girls on #MalalaDay. You can, too. #socialgoodmoms, #iammalala