I read this rather frustrating article on The Hollywood Report plotting the potential trajectory of Lupita's career and at best, her outlook is desperate and dismal. Why, because she has the misfortune of possessing a physical beauty that varies from that of the "classic" heroine. After Jennifer Lawrence's big award show wins the year prior, her career outlook was  filled with rainbows and unicorns, the same can't be said for the "unique" beauty Lupita Nyong'o.

Some of our most talented and passionate thespians of color may face a career brick ceiling unless some historical drama makes it impossible for a casting director to hire Meryl Streep or her younger counterpart, Jennifer Lawrence (who is on my top 20 list of favorite actresses), especially since black face is not an option. Meryl and J-Law are some of my favorite actresses, truly great at their trade, but skill and abilities matter not when you are African American or Asian. There must be some complicated industry research calculating each potential dollar lost when a brown face is chosen for a major role that isn't a stereotype or required for historical accuracy!

Most scripts and nearly every major book to film is viewed from one narrow ocular. From the first breath of a novel being considered for film adaption, everyone from Helen Mirren to Chloe Mortez will be considered before Angela Bassett or Amandla Stenberg

From a young age, we are fed what the model of beauty is, and the girl next door was defined by the Disney classics of old. With boxes filled with Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, and Snow White. It is still rare to find Pocahontas, Jasmine or Mulan in a Disney box set. Why are women of African and Asian descent always left out of the proverbial selection box.

Religiously, I visit Lupita's IMDB page, waiting to see that next film in pre-production and every week I am disappointed. From her interviews I can tell the girl has an intellect that will allow her to understand the role no matter the complexity. From her Yale School of Drama resume, I can tell the girl has flexibility and untapped skills. From the many comments of her peers, I can tell she is a pleasure to work with. Yet, from the aforementioned THR article, there is no question that she will face many difficulties finding steady and rewarding acting roles? Why, because she is black? That folks, is beyond ridiculous.

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