Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

The thing about marrying for love is that you will inevitably have to exist in that world following "ever after". The great unknown, and the place where the story continues past what some people to be the only fairy tale worthy stuff. But then again... I'm pretty sure Cinderella found out too late she had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common with the Prince and (because she was raised by flaky mystical tree fairies) Sleeping Beauty made for an awkward addition to royal society. I married for love, my own Darcy, Rochester, or for those whose tastes haven't expanded beyond young adult novels, Cullen.

I won't excite bore you with the awesome details, but our life is far from mundane. I think we are living the storybook narrative every week. Sometimes there are villains, magic and miniature happy endings within smaller chapters of an ongoing epic tale.

For us, it is the small eccentricities that keep us going, keep us connected. We playfully chase each other in public with whimsical Dollar Store items like water balloons or silly string. Have heated existential arguments about politics and religion. And we both believe it is completely sane to prep for the zombie apocalypse. Simply put, we figuratively frolic through the wilderness and dance in the rain.

But, we also disagree about finances and I'll spare you the details of the verbal fisticuffs that ensues if he neglects his trash removal duties.

The world following "ever after" is amazing, but I am pretty sure even Jane suppressed the occasional urge to shank Rochester! I mean, he was a little douchey even while head over heels in love with her.

At our worst, I only vaguely recall this whole "marrying for love" thing, but at our everyday, I could not have imagined a better love interest for a heroine such as myself. (Other than Park from Eleanor and Park!!)