I did threaten to discipline some of the wilder children. I made a million mistakes (including forgetting to give out the goodie bags) and tripled my budget, but I survived our first kiddie birthday party. I owe my daughter one, but after that, NEVER (probably never) again. IMG_3542My ultimate plan was a success, unleash the multitudes of children on the bounce house (all-day rental for $120) and let them run wild. Feed the adults and let them entertain themselves.

Once all the guests left, our kiddies jumped until bedtime.

IMG_3599 IMG_3602

We contemplated sleeping in the bounce house. And I regretted not doing so because that thing is surprisingly fun and calming when the beasts of the southern wild left.


The younger (30 and under) men of my husband's family further decimated our budget by deciding to cook macaroni and cheese, crazy sweet baked beans and grill in addition to the pre-planned food available. I personally believe that the college student pictured below tricked his naive kin into providing him with food for a week (probably a day knowing this guys stomach capacity). Please note the large pizza box he utilized as a to-go box.