With a toddler and roaming infant, I find one thing remains true, things eaten off the floor tastes better to them. No matter what we do, Jr likes to aim for the ground to then sit and quietly eat his food. Maybe he finds the prospects of dirt and dust more nutritious. This is one of the many reasons why I am careful with the cleaning and maintenance products I use; they tend to be the DIY home-made stuff or kid friendly and gentler store bought products. I was ubber excited to stumble upon Greenology Products in the cleaning isle of Lowes two weeks ago. They make rockin people, pet and planet safe products. It's free from ingredients the consumer can't pronounce and/or needs a professional with a PhD in Chemistry to confirm that "there is not sufficient evidence that said ingredient is harmful to humans".

I'll admit that I eat things off the floor at home like I never did before, they are always dropping my delicious snacks. We are already careful of the food and beverages we consume, it only makes sense that the products that come in contact with our children's skin and food, even indirectly, is of a similar quality.