IMG_4178Yummy and creepy

Any holiday presents this awesome opportunity to create genuine and long lasting family traditions and opportunities for bonding.  Our little ones were so curious about what Mommy and Auntie were making and the finished product drew tons of squeals and hilarious screams, with giggles that were very infectious. Try this easy  to make JELL-O worms recipe and it is sure to be a hit.

JELL-O Worms Recipe


Makes about 100 worms


1 (6 ounce) box Raspberry JELL-O 1 package unflavored gelatin 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream 3 cups boiling water 15 drops green food coloring 100 flexible, bendy straws


1. Mix the gelatin, JELL-O and slowly add boiling water. Cool to lukewarm, then add the IMG_4172whipping cream and 15 drops green food coloring.

2. Gather straws together and place into large empty container like a 1 quart milk container.We used an old juice bottle.

3.Pour the gelatin mixture over the straws and chill for about 8 hours, or until firm.

4. To remove, simply hold the straws under warm water until they come loose and gently squeeze one end to push out. This is the part that you can really get the whole family involved in!

JELL-O has many Halloween themed recipes to inspire your own creepy and yummy family traditions:

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