IMG_1406Shout out to the Dude table at a family baby shower yesterday for winning the prize of "representing why men should not be allowed at baby showers". For not only cracking jokes for 2 hours, plotting an escape to play basketball with the father-to-be  (that was immediately thwarted by the mom-to-be ). For also being so competitive during the shower games that they accused a Grandma-to-be of cheating. Nothing like watching a table of young dudes, mostly Dads forced to watch their kids while their wives congregated on the other side of the room. Every dude that was unfortunate enough not to be at the dude table made sure to stop by at least once to pay his respects before exiting. I know that co-ed baby showers are all the rage, but unless it is a non-traditional environment like a backyard BBQ in lieu of a restaurant, prepared to see men either behaving inappropriately out of boredom or dozing off. I have to admit the men gave the shower a wild fun atmosphere that was so contagious and refreshing!