Just minutes ago my husband took Jr. to the After Hour Pediatric clinic because our forehead thermometer clocked his fever at 1o2.3 degrees. At 103 they recommend a fever reducer and at 105 the emergency room. He has been feeling extremely hot to the tocuch at about 3 AM on Friday morning and projectile vomited the contents of  his tummy at about 7 AM on Friday. I'm scared because he was not as warm as he was Friday morning and the emergency pediatric cling says he had a rectal temperature of 104.3. Which means he may have passed the dangerous 105 degree mark on Friday morning! Thoughts of brain damaging high fevers makes me light headed.

In lieu of narcotic fever reducer I was giving him lukewarm lavender baths and placing cold rags on his forehead to help the fever break. The little guy recently started army crawling and at times we find him sucking on his sister's shoe or some random toy that is not meant for him. Though he is breastfed, he puts so many questionably items in his mouth nowadays that I knows he is sucking on germs daily.

My husband is at the doctor with him now and I am patiently awaiting news at home.

Update: Husband just texted that they are testing the infant for flu and he has an ear infection!