Watch my kiddies get CREATIVE!

Creative Galaxy

Creative Galaxy is a positive and intelligent Amazon original animated series available on Amazon Prime Instant Video. There are an abundance of animated series out there to choose from, but my struggle as a thoughtful (over-thinking) parent is finding one that won’t fill my children’s head with junk inconsistent with the values and aspirations my husband and I wish for in our children.

I’ve noticed that many cartoons, even the “age exact” cartoons, have some component that may glorify conflict (to the point of violence) and perpetuate sexism. I feel guilty enough as a Mom who works long hour, I don’t need to add child neglect in the form of exposing my children to cartoons that do nothing more than steal precious moments from their childhood. When my kids watch cartoons, I need there to be a clear value add, and since they are too young for my top 10 favorite public broadcasting documentaries, they should at least watch shows that activate their minds and imaginations in some capacity.


Created by Out of the Blue Enterprises with Angela Santomero (Super Why!, Blues Clues), Creative Galaxy is a make-along, create-along, interactive art adventure series for preschoolers. Characters Arty and Epiphany travel around the galaxy to solve problems with art, inspiring creative thinking through crafts, music and dance. To give kids and parents the real-life tools they need to re-create Arty’s experience, a live-action piece at the end of each animated episode will take viewers through the craft project that Arty showcased in the galaxy.

Creative Galaxy 2

It’s the little things that make you smile with show. The first episode introduces a kid’s kid, Arty, who directly engages the audience by speaking directly through the TV screen and to your children. Arty is an artsy alien with a baby wearing working mom. This shows bring to light the art of daily life and highlights the importance of artistic expression to both the artist and the observer. Pretty dang impressive for a show geared toward preschoolers! There is this create along aspect of the show that may my kids beam with pride! When I came home from work they immediately show me the cool thing they made with my sister after watching the first episode!

There is something so wonderful in knowing that your children were happily engaged by knowledge of art as complex as Seurat and as simple as cotton ball creatures in the span of a few minutes, Harvard here they come!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.