Corporate sexism, glass cieling An avid listener of NPR and more specifically Michel Martin's Tell Me More. Yesterday I caught an awesome segment of the "Beauty Shop" a roundtable of women, writers, journalist  and thinkers. The May 29th segment titled "Is Motherhood Killing Wall Street Careers", which I have linked and embedded for your public radio edification, was enlightening and infuriating all at once. It highlighted the new Pew Research study that the media is ablaze about, which reveals that 40% of working moms are the breadwinners of their families (especially if they are brown like myself). But it also addresses yet another example of top corporate leadership perpetuating the notion that some how spewing forth life from my loins and latching a babe to my boob decimated my ability to perform in the workplace.

Hedge fund billionaire, Paul Tudor Jones, states that as soon a woman births and breastfeeds she is no longer a credible and able corporate financial employee. These notions continue to validate a form of corporate prejudice that will affect a woman's status and upward mobility in the work place and as a result her children and her husband's livelihoods. For some reason these obviously intelligent and well educated men of the upper crust still do not fathom the notion of involved fatherhood (again having children only affects women) but they also missed a whole slew of progressive movements that sought to eliminate gender and race inequality.