CollegecoupleContrary to some public opinion, my husband and I aren’t puritans. Yeah, we love going to church. Sure, our idea of fun is pretending to be monsters and chasing down our kiddies while roaring.  

Some folks may think we’re a little quirky and even strange. Okay, we still sing surprise ballads that express our love for each other in public parks (like I did on my husband’s birthday this month). Maybe we spend way too much time analyzing a shouting match we had while cleaning house and how we can “grow from this as husband and wife”. Sometimes we break out into pseudo-choreographed routines in the isles at Target and the grocery store.


So some may be led to believe, by our actions, that we’re quirky, strange puritans. When I tell folks that we don’t have a taste for beer or wine, some of their beliefs are re-affirmed in some way. My husband does not nurse a beer or two while watching Sunday football and I don’t want red, white or what ever color wine after a long day of meetings and deadlines at work. But, every once in a while when hubs wants to feel like James Bond and (literally) bursts out his bowtie and GQ man of the year coat. I throw on a dress that does not make me feel like my post child birthing body is inadequate. And we feed each other fancy cheese on fancy crackers, drink something with a little flavor and make out like college freshmen again. My sexy husband may grab a bottle of cider and if we get the grand parents to babysit over night, Caramel Bailey’s to go over ice with an array of organic berries and a strong desire to flirt the night away.


When you have been in a relationship as long as my husband I have, you have to keep the spirit of joy and spice going even if it means going against the grain a bit or make your friends/colleagues gag from all the sweet effort.