About RAISINGSelf.com

Raising Self is a candid analysis of Career, marriage, motherhood and millennial life. Raising Self is a Blog focused on storytellers dedicated to owning their own voice and journeying toward uniquely defined success.

About Samantha Sophia

Hi - I'm Samantha, a wife, mother, finance professional, social good advocate, social media addict, networker, and story teller.

I live in Southern California and I work in strategy and analytics for a major multinational firm. I have a million passions, but I especially love authentic writing and media that aims to transform, inform and expand the way folks think about the world around them. I enjoy

  • building community

  • having honest dialogue (and blogs)

  • advising and mentoring other women

  • having candid discussions about mental health, work-life balance, and self-care

and created RaisingSelf as a conduit to share my passions and connect with others just trying to live their best lives.


To Learn more about me, please visit SamanthaBroxton.com